Flumotion CDN

The content delivery network specialized in audio and video streaming that distributes the media content with quality, reliability, speed and security while optimizing the bandwidth costs.




Clients who are already delivering their media contents to their audience with the maximum quality and minimal latency possible thanks to the Flumotion CDN



The Flumotion CDN has been designed to cover the delivery and distribution of online audio and video needs of the following industries





 Minimal latency on media content delivery 

Flumotion CDN allows delivery in high quality with adaptative bitrate for all devices: including desktop, tablet, mobile, Smart TV, game consoles and set-up boxes, for both live streaming and VOD video & audio, providing the minimal latency wherever the end user is located. 


Flumotion has its own CDN and optimized for online video and audio delivery in Spain/Europe and is supported by CDN Tier 1 for international traffic and additional services, such as Webcaching, offering low latency regardless the end user location.

Premium content protection to prevent unauthorized content or views from geographical areas where there are no broadcasting rights available.


Multiple encoding formats

 We offer on cloud signal encoding for live and vod, with multiple inputs and output formats, 24×7.

Flumotion Encoding offers the ability to publish in various formats such as IOS, Flash, MPEG-TS, and Smooth Streaming as well as enabling the recording of the content.

The signal accepts the following modalities 

SDI, DVB-T, DVB-S/S2 (CAM/CI), ASI, Soundcard, Firewire, HDMI, Analógica

Remote streams acquisition


Delivery Formats

iOS, Flash, Android, MPEG-2, Smooth, Streaming, WebM.

Audio Codecs

MP3, Vorbis, OGG, AAC, AAC+, MPEG

Video Codecs

MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP6, H.264, Theora






The available APIs on Flumotion’s platform allow full use of its potential with other systems and applications.

CMS systems (Content Management System), MAM systems (Media Asset Management), live encoding management systems, ecommerce and elearning solutions, all of them can use the API to obtain and use the content in an efficient way.

APIs allow management of all the functionality of the web TV from other systems, upload, publish and change the channel of your video content, add metadata, delete files and carry out other tasks within the management system without having to directly access it, neither perform the tasks manually.