Flumotion OVP

The perfect marketing tool

VOD content management

Simplified and fast management to organize audio and video on demand. Add titles, description, tags, content to playlists, metadata, automatic subtitles and sharing to social networks.

Live broadcast management

Live broadcasts and 24/7 live streams managed, monitored and broadcast in just a few clicks. Add titles, description, tags, metadata, automatic subtitles and sharing to social networks.


Our own advertising server enables the monetization of your content. Monetize your online content through advertising campaigns. We use market standards based on VAST and Google IMA, whether for live, podcast or VODs.

Cloud tools

Cloud editing, cloud auto-recording, channel auto-assignment, automatic transcription, etc.

Self-publishing (FakeLive)

Flumotion offers a continuity tool with self-publishing of content.

Social Networking

Add social network profiles Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.

HUB Streaming and Syndication

With a single upload you can republish your content to third parties and social networks simultaneously. Simple syndication to locate online podcasts via RSS.

Roles and permissions

Controlled access to content. Govern your audiovisual cloud hierarchically, with users.




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