Our Partners


Telefónica is one of the largest telecom operators in the world, providing communications solutions, information and entertainment to their customers. It has presence in Europe and Latin America and operates in 24 countries. In June 2013, the number of customers of Telefónica amounted to 317.3 million.

NTT Europe

NTT Europe is a subsidiary of NTT Communications, the slope of IP and data services owned by NTT Group. NTT Europe is responsible for business in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) market and provides Internet backbone level 1, closed networks security, systems integration, networks and application management, managed hosting and global services content distribution with partner companies worldwide.


VSN is an IT company which develops and manufacture high performance and reliable software and complex systems for multimedia content management. With more than 20 years’ experience, the technology developed and manufactured by their team of engineers has provided solutions to meet the needs of more than 1000 customers in 100 countries.

Specialized in the Broadcast industry, VSN solutions help to ensure a complete management of TV stations, producers and distributors of audiovisual content workflows and other critical environments. Created in 1990 in Barcelona, VSN has branch–offices in Dubai (UAE), Miami (USA), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Brazil.

Irradia FM

Irradia Fm creates mobile customized Apps for Radio stations. Provides specialized services and innovative tools which help stations to increase the  listeners' feedback.

Irradia offers high functionality, ranging from interaction with social networkingand other applications, shared program modules, podcast, videocast, interactivegrill, listeners comments, feedback, information live chat, and multi-languagesystems, integration with TV, among others.
Irradia Fm was founded in November 2013 and as of today has radios of all sizesoffering their own an APP.

Streaming Colombia

Streaming Colombia is a business unit of Ideas en Imágenes y Comunicaciones, Colombian based company with presence in Bogota and other cities of the country. It represents and distributes the Flumotion solutions, accompanied by audiovisual production services for live events and customer support in real time.

TS Group

TS Group is a company with more than 11 years in business with clients from different sectors in Colombia as Argos, Leonisa, Miners, Avon, Prebel, Comfenalco, SOS, Banacol, Uniban, Skinco, Government of Antioquia, among others. Its goal is to provide solutions based on value-added services to their customers. They are specialists in collaborative solutions that provide measurable results, integrated portals, corporate social networking, mobility, unified communications tools, streaming and custom development, etc.


Audioemotion Media is the advertising network specialized in the commercialization of online radio. Its solutions portfolio enables highlyqualitative audio content monetizing to meet the needs and objectives of brand communication.

Audioemotion offers intelligent broadcasting ads based on various formats andtargeting criteria to optimize the affinity of segmented audiences. They have an audience of more than 12 million users.

Audioemotion has agreements with top and most relevant advertising companies, media groups and agencies.


ADD + is a development company specialized in online projects design and development, e-commerce and custom projects. It provides services of SEO, online marketing and web optimization.

ADD + has collaborated with Flumotion in the integration of the audio & video streaming platform for different online businesses.