Success Story

UPF – Barcelona School of Management

The UPF Barcelona School of Management boosts communication through online streaming

The importance of online video in everyday life is growing, and the world of education is no stranger to this phenomenon. This is demonstrated by the business school of the University Pompeu Fabra: UPF Barcelona School of Management practically since its founding has opted for audiovisual content as a key tool to provide quality communication to students.

The university currently manages its media library and streaming live events, offering students a reliable, secure and always available viewing experience.This is thanks to the Flumotion Streaming Video Platform for education.




  • Increased student engagement making the content available wherever the student is.
  • Enhaced viewing experience offering an online broadcast with the best possible quality and reliability, and optimized for the user’s device.
  • Increased productivity of the audiovisual department thanks to an on-cloud unified and simple video content management.
  • Boost existing eLearning solution thanks to the integration of streaming platform with the eLearning platform Moodle.
  • A safer content using the security features included in the Flumotion streaming platform which offers the necessary guarantees of privacy and security of multimedia content.
  • Gain valuable information the analytical tool provides valuable information about the online user and media content performance.

Previous situation

Before the implementation of the Flumotion streaming solution, the school was with a stability problem with the platform; they had developed their own solution to live stream from their website, but it didn’t show the audiovisual content to all their students as it was developed in Flash, and it couldn’t serve  a high number of concurrent users neither.

An efficient and safe video content management 

Flumotion technology has reversed the situation, achieving greater engagement with students, as they can now serve the content wherever the students may be. It has also improved the viewing experience with an online streaming of higher quality and it has increased the audiovisual department productivity by managing all the media content on-cloud. 

The university current eLearning platform has been enhanced thanks to the integration with the streaming platform. Plus, they get valuable information about the performance of video content and online users.

Marc Collado, Head of Audiovisual at UPF Barcelona School of Management, believes that proximity and personalized attention are the two crucial points to bet on Flumotion’s technology to meet their  online education business needs. He explains that “this platform allows us to manage streaming audiovisual content with simplicity, and it has not been necessaryto make any additional investment in IT as it is a SaaS on cloud solution.


About the UPF – Barcelona School of Management

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is the business school of the University Pompeu Fabra, one of the bestuniversities worldwide according to main international rankings: 1st Spanish university according to the Times HigherEducation Ranking (2013); in the same ranking, located in the top 100 at European level (position 72) and 200 worldwide(position 165); Top 15 of the best European universities, according to the U-Multirank (2014); among the 400 best universities, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2014).

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