online video

As we explained in our previous post, the use of online video has grown dramatically in the last years.

Companies can no longer ignore the fact that the video is an essential marketing channel that also offers them the opportunity to explain their products and services in a much more detailed and effective way than text. The video is also a form of communication much more powerful, faster and cheaper with the customer.

In this post we explain some of the reasons whywe need to consider the incorporation of video to our digital marketing strategy.

Enriches the shopping experience

The video offers online customers the opportunity to review a product as if they were seeing it in person. When we make videos that explain in detail our products or services, we automatically enrich the online shopping experience. The video becomes a fundamental part of the purchase decision process. 88% of users spend more time on a website that containsvideos, thereby chances of generating business increase.

Improves the SEO of our website

The video marketing improves: our engagement ability with the end customer, the CTR of ouronline shop and the traffic to our site. Most search engines position websites containing videos at the top of the ranking results over those pages which SEO strategy is based only on keywords (keywords); Google indexes videos very well, as it considers them valuable content.The video also offers the possibility of doubling the traffic to our website when we our videos are shared viralized. Besides posting them on Youtube, you should host your videos on yourown web page, as this will avoid any doubt about the authorship of these and traffic will impact on your website.

The video strengths your online branding

The video increases awareness of our brand and improves consumer participation. Maintaining a good presence in the major video search engines accentuates the visibility of a brand could do like social networks. The video content lends credibility to our business andoffers an innovative brand image. According to the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelSEOand Flimp Media, 93% of surveyed brands bet on the video to enhance their online marketingstrategies, sales and communication actions.

After reading the reasons presented in this post you still do not believe that it is worth investing in video marketing?