video solutions for video marketingThe question of choosing a video platform is often a dilemma for companies that want to elaborate a video marketing strategy. In general, the strategy objectives are often decisive in choosing between a free solution or a professional video platform. Professional solutions have some advantages which not only have to do with its functionality as we now explain.

This post belongs to a series of articles about Free Video Platforms Vs Professional Video Platforms. On a previous post we already put in context what type of video platforms are currently available on the market and we will soon publish a free complete guide about it.

When a company decides to start working with a Professional Video Platform it may be already carried on video marketing activities. Maybe if a company knew from the very beginning how a professional platform can enrich its strategy, it would start working with it directly without the prior step of using a free platform. One of the main factors influencing the professional platforms is controlling the distribution across multiple channels and having the ability to centrally manage online content; providing a tool to automate the videos posting on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, besides publishing it on the corporate website.

The engagement, the strength of the professional platforms.

Video marketing actions intended to generate customer engagement usually fit better with Professional Video Platforms since it is important to work well design and branding issues. For any company that has already implemented a campaign of brand awareness, the next step is to achieve the engagement. With this objective, controlling the display environment is very important and this is frankly difficult on free platforms, where advertising is controllable to some extent and related searches can play tricks on us.

When the marketing needs a special focus on brand image, it requires an online video platform, which allows the video player insertion on the corporate website, and the inclusion of calls to action and recommended links in the player. Thanks to these professional functions the possibility of losing online users decreases.

Professional solutions offer the possibility of including advertising in the video file,  a company can increase online sales thanks to this function, which we may also refer to as monetization through videos. An example might be: a surf school which uses the call to actions to link them to a registration form. Another example might be a Kitchen goods manufacturer that could use the recipe videos to link them directly to the product pages.

Integration with the company marketing tools.

In addition, any professional solution like the Flumotion platform allows integration with other enterprise tools. Thanks to this integration automatic notifications can be sent to personal email accounts as new videos are being published achieving a greater degree of segmentation and dissemination.

Other useful functionality that professional providers offer is registration forms which can be included before, during and after a video is displayed. In addition, some video platforms enable integration with CRM solutions, providing analytical data that will allow us to know how the user interacts with the video second to second, and calculate the ROI of each video.
Analytics are critical to check the results of the marketing actions and business video professionals are aware of this. The professional platforms as Flumotion provide a dashboard which includes all marketing campaigns launched in different media.
A professional platform is also fundamental when we want to generate conversions. Video is clearly consolidated in the e-commerce by achieving great conversion rates on the product pages, and the power of video also extends to its use in other areas such as landing pages and email marketing campaigns.
Moreover, whatever the objective of our actions is, it’s always interesting to drive traffic directly to the website of the company, where interested users will find other value content such as offers, whitepapers, manuals or videos how-to.
User videos, a new way to generate business content.
Finally it is noteworthy that a growing trend in marketing is the creation of UGC (User Generated Content) portals. Customers are increasingly demanding that video platforms to allow dual directionality when sharing content. They want to create portals with the content created by its users within their own communities and thus involving the audience and boosting user engagement.
We will soon explain in another article in which cases a free video platform can help us with our video marketing strategy.