comparison-video-platforms-educationCompanies are attracted to the creation of useful video content, mainly training content, to publicize their businesses. In the case of SMEs social networks are being used to disseminate these helpful videos and to a lesser extent, for internal training.

Let’s see how a professional video platform can improve the proposal of free social networks and how these professional platforms can help us with specific educational applications that free platforms can not solve.

Internal corporate training

Many companies already use streaming for both their external and internal training, whether these are conferences, webinars or tutorials. That is why these Enterprise Platforms that are focused in general to all areas in which the company may require the video, also cover all the functions required to carry out a webcasting.

These functions include chat, the ability to post attachments, microphone and camera control or content analysis to find out what works best or why type of content student are more interested in.

There are other utilities such as subtitling and in-video links are harder to find in the free training and vertical platforms but which can be useful if you are considering creating a customized training page or your own internal portal. In-video links serve us if we want to promote content, subtitles can be very useful for language classes and if our goal is to internationalize the training.

Importance of monetization for new online training companies

As we mentioned above, there are not many vertical solutions that offer a simple tool to generate e-learning web sites so it is convenient to think of customized solutions as the ones that a professional online video platform can provide.

Free solutions are usually very limited when it comes to monetization. Here are some specific situations that require other solutions:

  • If you want to use certain advertising formats.
  • If you are considering using other adservers.
  • If select the pay-per-view model and you don’t have a channel with 1000 YouTube users.
  • If you want to do a live private class with education integrated tools for more than 10 people.
  • If the live class must be private and it requires a Google Account it may be a barrier for your audience registration.

For such cases we must find a more professional solution as the ones offered by providers like Flumotion. These companies often include these solutions within its internal communication services for businesses, the Enterprise Platforms.

Traditional and consolidated teaching centers often opt for this professional alternative for managing their videos. All these applications are essential to this case but it also influences that, in general, these centers need tailored solutions to evolve their internal communication systems, their Moodles or Intranet networks. With platforms like Flumotion not only the training needs of everyday life are covered, but they can also integrate live events: conferences, seminars, presentations or graduations.