Estrategia Video MarketingTraditional advertising, to conquer new spaces, search and find formulas to get viral on the Internet.

Certainly, strategies for persuasion, are not very different from those we already knew; exciting or provoking laughs still produces infallible videos.

But then, what else? Online video ends here? What about virality?

The future of online video goes through investigating new forms of user consumption, and develop the technology to guide the user, who is the navigation’s owner.

The context in which the viewing occurs is critical to know how to approach audience communication. It is important to keep in mind the following points when we talk about videomarketing:

1. Campaigns must to be designed for every screen.

The use of mobile devices is particularly focused on entertainment and it’s increasing video viewing. Multiscreen must be a marketing priority as Gartner predicts that by 2018, 50% of Internet hits will come from these devices. Device manufacturers are betting on larger screens in order to increase mobile consumption and the use of images is also expanding: on all screens. Other essential considerations in the case of smartphones are loading speed, brevity and file size as downloading data is often limited.

2. Communication is not only multidevice, but also multispace.

Knowing why and how users connect to applications, websites or social networks in which we want to have presence is necessary to optimize our videos and get a better UX.
We must align our goals depending on the distribution source which might be
e-mail marketing, a certain Social Network, or a website where our advertising is being displayed. Dealers are currently increasingly navigation data collection and that is why programmatic advertising is a trend also in video distribution.

We also see increasing use of videos to make products more attractive and actual for both the showrooming and webrooming, as well as for direct sales through purchasing functions and links “in stream”.
Moreover, innovation in content is still possible; in 2014 transmedia content was highly valued as it expands the user experience by adapting 100% to all kinds of contexts. Much remains to be exploited yet: new applications and transmedia content.
3. New concepts for content
The possibility of publishing without paying for the space makes the content have more prominence in formulas such as inbound marketing, useful content and especially user-generated content, but also can exploit marketing actions such as guerrilla marketing and events.
Vodafone Yu concerts that took place thanks to service Flumotion live events are an example of how to give the user something he wants, a leisure activity where you can also participate through the product.
Another example is the Samsung S4 campaign, where calls for participation, games (or contests) operate, streaming allows us to perform actions directly which can become viral.
We may also use the video to listen and talk, make video responses or let users will advise on the creation of content or have them believe and video sharing application Nike
Emotion. If you do not laugh, you have to move. If you want to make use of storytelling, the advantage of video over the word is the ability to move. Do not miss out!