online video consumptionThe millenial generation really starts to matter. Now it is they who set the trends but the entrance of the Generation Z in the consumer segment capacity, pushes a new behavioral change.

You can notice the influence of the younger on online video. There’s an increase of people finishing their cable television services to switch to streaming services but also, more and more users are learning to enjoy the original content that can be found on the Web.

Growing consumption of original digital video programming

A few days ago, we learned that those who have never had pay TV (63%) or do not already have it (53%) say precisely that consumption of these original digital content influences them to not contracting these services.

It’s highlighted in the latest study by the IAB to sum this group and a quarter of the American population. Millennials are increasingly consuming the original content flowing through the network in prime time and this can be influenced by the fact that the number of user connecting through mobile devices and connected TV has doubled in the last two years.

We demand quality online videos viewing

Today, Online video platforms are challenged to meet minimum quality standards demanded by these users. Another recent study suggests that viewers between 26 and 34 years are not willing to withstand more than 4 minutes of poor viewing experience.

To a video with problems, with low definition or with too many interruptions, 40% of users leave the page, and look for videos on another platform or simply stop consuming videos.

Agencies and brands should consider when managing online video tools and management systems to be use them for publication in order to attract traffic and engagement with the public. This is essential to ensure a good visualization and user experience.