Future of TV onlineA few days ago caught my eye an article of the spanish marketing publication PuroMarketing, which referenced Google’s new study about television’s market transformation. This is an issue which has been enough discussed in our blog but we can’t  ignore that “trends’ master” has put on paper its predictions by starting a series of articles that look very promising (Think with Google)

According to Google,  tv networks in the near future, will have to improve the Internet processes for content distribution to promote advertiser’s interests.

Reviewing 7 dynamics that are transforming television, can give us an idea of how far we currently are in the convergence process and what are the benefits that can get each and every one of those involved.

  1. Larger audiences of interest for advertisers if you can control the complexity of the screens, devices, connections and protocols ecosystem. Then, the ubiquity will become a must and you will be able to capture the interest of advertisers and also media will provide a more personalized space to achieve the engagement.
  2. Audiences are really wanting quality TV anywhere and they are not willing to suffer connection failures, bufferings or not suitable screen resolutions. We must keep the quality promise with the objective of  a better advertising integration  into the viewing experience.
  3. Content distribution via on cloud is a process which cannot be delayed. They adapt their infrastructure to start working on cloud, to achieve three goals:  lower costs on content distribution, exploit new formats of programming, and custom content and advertising.
  4. It is essential to integrate an alternative measurement formula for audiences, and combine both sources to get a real active approach to the active users.
  5. The programmatic advertising will become essential in such a complex environment  of screens, devices, formats and contents. By using this, optimization of campaigns will be achieved at all levels, from advertisers to content creators who know exactly what possibilities are to reach their target and how.
  6. The speed of convergence is accelerated as Google, advertisers and distributors can not lose the edge in integration, which is reaching the target audience in a personalized way.
  7. The ultimate in content customization is mobile, our most personal device. Here is where the presence of trade marks needs to be relevant and technology must respond to this need. Displaying different ads depending on location or interest are the new creative ways to maximize consumer engagement.

TV Everywhere consumption grows at a rate of 246% per year according to Google’s report and Google still dares to anticipate that the TV model based on Internet will consolidate earlier than planned.

A clear call-to-action for those responsible for the media willing to activate the necessary transformation processes to adapt on cloud content distribution and adopting streaming tecnology.