Flumotion streamed the multisite event hosted by, held simultaneously in Las Palmas, Seville and Valencia.

Barcelona, 24th October 2014.- Over 400 SMEs, professionals and entrepreneurs participated in last week FIWARE: connecting cities in the Future Internet‘, a multisite event organized , which was inaugurated through video conference by the Minister of Industry, Energyand Tourism, José Manuel Soria.

The celebration of the simultaneous event in Las Palmas, Seville and Valencia was possible thanks to Flumotion’s streaming technology, the streaming services company, recognized as one of the worlwide top 100 companies of online video.

In this multisite event also participated via videoconference the Secretary of State forTelecommunications and the Information Society, Victor CalvoSotelo; the Mayor of Valencia,Rita Barberá; Mayor of Sevilla, Juan Ignacio Zoido; Mayor of Las Palmas, Juan Jose Cardona;Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, José Regidor, and the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Francisco José Mora, among others.

The streaming was a success thanks to the global reach which the Flumotion Live platform can achieve as it can broadcast live online events from anywhere. It also improves the user experience for viewers, offering video in high quality and accessible from multiple devices and across major social networks.