Online Video StreamingThe report recently published by Nielsen pretends to discover what devices, services or platforms (mainly streaming) are mostly consumed by viewers on their leisure time.

Nielsen’s conclusions are clear. We have not abandoned traditional television or we are close to doing so, with almost 50% of leisure time dedicated to it, according to the average data collected by Nielsen.

The time we spend on entertainment is not infinite, due to the expansion of the offer (this year the report also measured multimedia devices connection), users are subtracting time to broadcast TV to use it on Internet and above all, mobile devices.

Digital video is gaining strength in the U.S. particularly for the 25 to 54 age segment, that continues to grow and this year has made 62%. Cable subscriptions fall for network connected devices and video on demand subscriptions  but for the moment, it is impossible to know what weight have these platforms in digital video consumption.

Because of this, it is particularly important that online video viewing has grown from almost 7 hours a month (last year) to almost 10 hours for the same period this year. Clearly there is a trend towards streaming consumption of audiovisual content and this growth it’s also given by video consumption in smartphones.

With the data from this year, in 2015 we can see whether media devices become a relevant formula of accessing online audiovisual content.