on demand video

The On demand video content related to your streaming event is very important to enrich the end user experience.

We can generate pre-event promotional videos for its broadcasting on campaigns and help increase its audience. These videos should be attractive to catch the attention of users and encourage them toattend the event when it airs.

We can also take advantage of the use of video on demand interspersing them between certain times of the streaming event, for example, on breaks or simply providing more content, either in the same event, or as a second screen.

The event itself can be recorded and published almost immediately after the end, our streaming provider should provide us this functionality. In this case, the video quality will be, at most, the best streaming quality and will not be edited, as it will be the raw recording.

It may be a good idea to record the event in the best possible quality. The recording of an event can be edited, enriched, cut into pieces to be published in different sequences. So, this video content can offer  different user experiences to those who want to relive the event.

As same as in live streaming, on demand should be available on multiple devices, so we must consider this aspect when creating the content, not only in terms of resolution, but the content format itself. So we can provide a more personalized experience for each device.

We must maximize the option of posting videos on demand to use together with the event asan additional advantage, as these are less likely to suffer problems that sometimes occur onlive streaming such as buffering, cuts, etc..

In addition, video on demand give us the opportunity to continue monetizing content and increase the ROI or even exceeding our original investment.

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