The popular urban clothing brand, present in 60 countries and five continents, is now using Flumotion streaming technology to make its online audio/video content available on mobile devices. 

Barcelona, September 26, 2011. Brand followers no longer want to be passive users; they want to take control of their experience and interact with the brand and their products. Pepe Jeans is responding to this new consumer demand by offering an innovative mobile application that combines online and offline communication channels. The streaming experts from Flumotion power the app with live and on demand video and audio streaming with their Online Video and Online Radio Platform. This initiative, the first of its kind in the fashion industry, allows the world leader in urban clothing to create a space where followers can buy and interact with the brand in an exciting way, anytime, anywhere.

“We want to interact with our consumers through exciting content such as music which is an integral part of our brand’s DNA and is an essential element of our campaigns. This application takes into account the lifestyle of our fans, as they do not differentiate between online and offline channels; that’s why we enable them to become creators of their own Pepe Jeans experience,” adds Daniel de Santiago, online marketing director of Pepe Jeans. The app is currently available for download in English from the Apple Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World. Starting in October, it will also be available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

More than just an app

Using the ‘DJ Store’ feature, users can become DJs of their nearest store, automatically located using geolocation technology on their mobile phone. These new DJs can select any song from the playlist, with previews being streamed in the application by Flumotion’s Online Radio Platform. In the section ‘Radio Look’ followers can browse the latest collection directly from their mobile device while listening to a live stream of music at the same time. The songs played identify with the brand’s values and feature upcoming and independent artists. With just one more click, customers can access the online store and purchase their favorite outfit.

Another feature of the application is ‘Fashion Experience’ which offers videos from campaigns, streamed on demand directly to all major smartphones. Flumotion’s Online Video Platform adapts these videos to the different mobile devices and formats, ensuring that each user has an optimal viewing experience. “Our platform for Online Video and Radio is ideal for companies that want to benefit from the power of audio and video to communicate and interact with their customers using all channels – the company website, mobile internet, applications for smartphones and online and offline stores,” explains Jean Noel Saunier, Co-founder and CEO of Flumotion. “The platform is so easy to manage that any marketing agency or department can use it. And it’s the only platform on the market that is capable of streaming audio and video, live and on demand, based on the same technology and to all devices.”

This project combines the experience of three technology companies. The leader in streaming technology, Flumotion, providing live and on demand audio and video streaming to mobile devices; Stream Coach manages the streaming of Pepe Jeans’ online content; and Vanatur developed the multi-device application for the clothing manufacturer.

New ties between companies and consumers

According to Clay Shirky, author of the book Cognitive Surplus, “human beings want to create and share rather than passively consume products for a privileged elite.” Based on this idea, innovative brands such as Pepe Jeans are now expanding their followers’ experience, breaking the barriers between online and offline communication. “We have chosen Flumotion’s solution due to its quality, the simplicity of the content management and the professionalism of its team,” De Santiago adds.

According to a recent study by Nielsen, mobile phone users with the Android operating system spend an average of 56 minutes per day interacting actively with the web and its applications. On average, those who use iPhones download up to 48 applications; those with Android, 35; and those who use BlackBerry, 15. In the case of the former, 60 percent of users interact multiple times per day.