Live streaming has become an important option for companies that are planning an event and want to achieve greater impactand dissemination, as well as offering an innovative and pioneering corporate image.

The streaming technology offers companies a number of advantages at a price today more than reasonable.

Managing the organization of an event on streaming is easier process than it sounds if you know what steps to follow.


We need to establish the date, duration and location of the event. It is essential to have enough time to have some leeway to deal with the unexpected. Regarding the place, the fundamental aspect to consider is that we need to have an internet connection with the appropriate speed to broadcast with the right quality.

We will also need a “virtual” location for our streaming event, a site from which we can carry out our online coverage.


Find a professional streaming provider. At this point it is interesting to have a provider with proven experience and that can help us in organizing our event.

The important pointsthat we should require are:

  • Knowing what kind of support they can offer us; for example, will be on-site or via telephone only;
  • If our event can be watched on multiple mobiledevices
  • What monetization options are available for our online event, if we are interested onobtaining greater profitability of our online event by selling tickets to watch it on streaming;
  • What kind of security restrictions can be applied to our broadcasting;
  • What customization options we have to create a more corporate event;
  • And finally, whether they can provide us with the necessary hardware to carry out the streaming.

On our side, we must offer our supplier an estimate of audience size and quality we will want to stream with.


Consider hiring a production company for your corporate event. If we do not have anyreferences, we may ask our streaming provider as they will surely have a number ofproduction companies with which they usually work.


Convene the attendees. We have to try to get the biggest audience and promotion of our event, we shouldn’t forget either of the potential of social networks for reach a higher impact.

A couple or three days before the event, we will have to send the link (URL) to the onlineattendees so they can watch the live broadcast.


A day or two days before the event date, it is crucial that the streaming provider and the production company make ​​the necessary emission tests to ensure that everything worksproperly during the live broadcast. It is also very important to check that the Internet connection is adequate.

Once the event is over we can check and analyze the statistics that the streaming platform provides us. It is important to know the interest that our event has generated, as well as user concurrency and location.