Yesterday saw the launch of Nielsen Video Census, the UK’s first industry-endorsed online video measurement tool which determines how people consume and engage with internet video content.

The new tool lets media owners and advertisers accurately measure the size and demographics of their online video audience, as well as obtain metrics such as the total number of videos viewed and average viewing time.

New data taken from Nielsen VideoCensus shows that in April 2011, 26.9 million people viewed streamed video in the UK either from home or from the workplace. YouTube was the most popular site for watching online video content with 19.5 million unique UK viewers, followed by the BBC with 9.1 million viewers, VEVO with 5.3 million viewers and Facebook with 4.4 million viewers.

Ben Mein, Nielsen commercial director stated that “Nielsen is fully committed to being the worldwide leader in measuring what consumers watch, and online video measurement is a fundamental component of that. This new product will help publishers and advertisers in the UK better understand, and take advantage of, the growing influence of online video consumption. Web video is increasingly important as a communications channel and with Nielsen VideoCensus, they now have an industry-endorsed product which allows them to know who, when, where and how people in the UK engage with web video.”

Nielsen VideoCensus will be accredited by UKOM (the UK Online Measurement company) and will become the UK’s industry-approved product for online video measurement as of July 2011.