Video streaming for enterpreneursA few years ago, any brand would have wished to access television, but something much more desirable had been appearing in live tv programs, which gather more viewers around the screen.

Until now, streaming has provided visibility and other benefits to those pioneers adopting technology. If we review some of these companies we realize that their commitment to video is common to those that today we consider business models and cases of entrepreneurial success.

Video is becoming more and more popular and that’s because it’s one of the most powerful and viral content. But online video capabilities are not only business videos or flash mobs. Within this trend, live streaming is the true innovation, for entrepreneurs.

Live streaming, like it happened with traditional television, makes companies becoming relevant thanks to the immediacy. Being first reporting certain information of interest gives us an advantageous position against our competition. Of course, it’s also important for brand building, as customers are attracted by the “real thing”. Corporate transparency is another great asset that a brand can play in this sense.

Live broadcasting acts like a magnet to win users and here is where you have your opportunity.

Live streaming is a magnet for the audience and it has very helpful benefits. Mainly, gaining visibility on Internet, that becomes specially interesting when the channel is saturated, we are using a powerful call to participation.

Moreover, our interest might be targeting our audience, in order to send a more powerful message. We can get this using a professional streaming platform.

The most interesting data that we can get from our live event is user’s interests & behavior, so we can adjust or modify the content according to their response to certain messages. Monitoring of live results give us more control over our communication success.

What type of content can help me creating a Live viral?

You can position your company as an industry leader with strategies user focused like webinars or participating in conferences and forums. You can also choose a product oriented strategy and stream your presentations and stream your presentations and product launches.

Internally, you can give courses, lectures or maybe team building activities, that also can be useful to your HR department, in order to identify entrepreneurs among your employees.

Finally, use your imagination and create interesting events for your target or join other activities. You may find sponsoring any online activity, this public you want to connect to. Now that capability to communicate live is real. What does it inspire you?

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