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Technological advances that have occurredin the streaming in recent years havecontributed to providing businesses andmedia new communication channels toreach consumers. Note that access to thisservice through mobile devices, has experienced an annual growth of 133%.

According to the advertising agency Vdopiain the United States 33 minutes of online video through mobile are consumed a day on average. In England, consumption of this service via mobile reaches a 28% of the population, with expectations of grow by up to 33% in 2015.

Mobile streaming technology has gained this popularity thanks to technological improvements ofaccessibility. In particular, the increase in broadcast quality which allows users to view online content with the same quality as on a TV, which also allows advertisers to reach consumerseven when they are not at home.

1.1 Billion dollars in streaming audio revenue

Companies that have chosen audio streaming services on demand are also in luck, big companies like Spotify, Deezer and even Google last year generated revenues of 1.1 billiondollars from subscriptions to their service. Although it is true that these figures are much lower when it comes to online shopping service music. The growth in download sales, mainly from Apple’s iTunes has slowed down for a while, and last year the market fell by 2.1 percent the first time the IFPI has registered a fall.

Streaming an excellent opportunity for the media.

Thanks to streaming technology, TV channels can broadcast online at a reasonable price, getting to the viewer at any time of day. It is more than likely that in the future online thematic channels appear with specific and segmented content.

A bright future of online video

According to a report recently released by Accu Stream Research, it is estimated that online video will grow by 24.9% globally. If we also bear in mind that the Internet will reach 3,000million users worldwide by the end of 2014, there is no doubt that streaming will occupy aprivileged place in the business strategies of large corporations.

And after knowing these numbers Do you think it is worth investing in streaming?