Cisco report online videoCisco, the leading American networking solutions multinational, has recently published a study in which reveals that in 2019 80% of Internet traffic will be online video, still a more impressive figure than the 64% of last 2014.

For the United States the data is even more impressive with an estimate of 85%.

In the category of “online video” includes short format content (Facebook, YouTube), in long form (like Hulu), Internet-to-TV (as Wuaki TV or Netflix), as well as live broadcasts and streaming webcams and online rentals (such as iTunes).

According to Cisco, this growth is mainly due to an increase in popularity in streaming OTT video services as well as by the rise in Internet accessibility, it is estimated that in 2019 half of the world’s population (3.9 billion of people) will have access to the Internet and the number of connected devices will triple the global population.

As we mentioned in previous post, IAB also confirmed a few days ago that the number of users watching online video content using their smartphones and tablets has grown to nearly half the daily consumption of online video.

You can read the full Cisco report here.