Getting new listeners for your station is a shared goalin the industry as it is being commented in variousprofessional forums, and it is not a simple process.

Although it may seem basic all agree that the most important thing is to clearly define your audience and generate interest and quality content that provides value. These two aspects are fundamental, but depend on the strategy of each project.

In this post we provide some key points that will help to increase, improve and attract more listeners to youronline radio station.

Radio directories

Include your radio station in many directories (examples:,, or as possible; appearing in these listings is free in most cases and registration is the only requirement needed. These directories allow users to search by genre, musical style, country or keyword, and it’s an easy and effective way to find your station.

Social Networks

Thanks to the use of social networks as a method of communication with your listeners you can increase the dissemination of your content and generate a wider audience.

To do this we should: (1) create accounts on the most relevant social networks for our audience or, if you already have them, include program information and embed the player so that they can listen to your station directly from, for example, Facebook, or you can even create a specific hashtag for the station or for each program on Twitter; (2) include social interaction tools on the station website using the corresponding timelines; and (3) need a community manager to help you with all the social network activities.

In addition, we can try to find groups related to the style of our radio station where we can share information and related content and thus attract new listeners.

Use the online communication tools

Adding a Skype account or a public chat will help your listeners to communicate with your station, review topics or ask or send dedications. The online radios are evolving toward the visual and consumption needs not be the same for each device, something to keep in mind when designing your communication windows with the audience.

The channel is multimedia, allows the use of different languages​​, and it also allows you toinnovate with initiatives communication that mobilize listeners and make them interact on your own website. This is a good practice that can also serve to transfer your listeners of analogic radio to the online.

The importance of SEO

It is important that your station website appears in the top results of Google, therefore, we suggest you to index the sitemap of your site in Google Webmaster tools. It is also importantthat there are no broken links and you work well the keywords that define your station and your style.


Obviously, if your radio station also broadcasts in analog, you can use your traditional broadcasting to insert advertising on your online radio stations, but the stations which only broacast on streaming face more difficulties and must implement other strategies to get new audience.

Moreover, online advertising campaigns will help you attract new listeners and simultaneously, improve your SEO.

Do not forget to measure your results, it is essential to know where your most loyal visitors are coming from, depending on what campaigns are active and tell us your experience, whatstrategy or tool has been most effective in your case?