Flumotion launches this project that allows viewers toswitch directly to the consumer on demandProfessionals and sports enthusiasts can produce their own content for goRadikal.

goradikal-LOGOBarcelona, september 2014.- Flumotion technology company specialized in streaming services, today announced a new project, goRadikal, a vertical online television dedicated to the world of alternative and extreme sports. Thus, the global provider of streaming, shows its commitment to online content distribution and the opportunity that this technology represents for sectors that until now hadlimited access to the media.

The practice of minority sports has increased thanks to the Network reaching larger audiences. Sport has always been a hobby of social dimension, and now specialized blogs,online publications, applications and social networks contribute to the following of these competitions and athletes, a place where television has not yet arrived.

This, plus the desire to give visibility to these sports, strings directly with the idea of ​​goRadikal, a television 100% online where live and on demand videos of any sport canalternate in its various specialized channels.


The aim of goRadikal is to position itself as a global reference space for alternative sports fans who can also be producers. So, anyone can participate in the production of content in an environment where traditional vertical communication is lost.

Amateur or professional athletes, teams, federations and even brands, are increasingly interested on recording their challenges and achievements. An important number of technologies for recording and editing are already available on the market, and from now on a professional and high quality streaming will also be offered. With this project, Flumotionopens the doors to the audiovisual sports content broadcasting to any user.


Furthermore, this new television does not introduce advertising and provides full control of the videos to their owners, without interfering in the final edition, videos should always meet the criteria of specialization and quality care.

More information at http://www.goradikal.com