Press Release: October 19, 2011. Flumotion’s Online Radio Platform enables Gestiona Radio to turn an old fashioned medium into a social and innovative listening experience

During the rise of the video star, many thought that the fate of radio was sealed. But now online new technologies have not only created opportunities for television – they are also the key to reviving radio. Flumotion, a leader in Online Video and Radio Platforms, and innovative radio broadcaster Gestiona Radio are transcending the boundaries of traditional radio to create a new listening experience that is both exciting as well as profitable. Flumotion’s Online Radio Platform has been designed to enable companies to adapt their business models to the rapid changes in technology and consumers’ listening habits.

Enriching content and expanding audience reach, while creating new monetization techniques and revenue streams is the way to profitability for today’s content providers. “Flumotion’s Online Radio Platform bridges the divide between traditional radio broadcasting systems and new technologies for multi-device distribution, personalized programming and monetization”, says Jean Noel Saunier, Co-Founder and CEO of Flumotion. “Our service enables broadcasters to streamline their workflow processes and to exploit all online radio services – simulcast, pure web, podcasting and on demand streaming.”

Gestiona Radio takes advantage of Flumotion’s in-stream advertising technology, which is the crucial element of a successful multi-device radio service. Inserting the ad within the content stream makes this monetization technique independent from each device player, ensuring the ideal exploitation of all advertising spaces no matter the device used. “We have selected Flumotion as they provide the most innovative and complete solution on the market, from live signal encoding, live and on demand streaming, automatic podcast creation to in-stream advertising”, explains Fernando Ruiz Antón, General Manager at Gestiona Radio. “The in-stream ad technology for online radio enables us to double our ad space, as we put one ad into the traditional radio transmissions and another into the online radio streams.” Technology has also added another dimension to radio thanks to the devices used. Whether the stream is being accessed via a desktop player or a mobile app, users can now interact with the content and broadcasters can easily track impressions and clicks of visual ads. All these statistics can be analyzed in the Flumotion Media BackOffice and help tracking user behavior and the success of advertising campaigns.

Listening has become a social experience – anytime, anywhere

Allowing users to listen to their favorite radio programs anywhere and anytime is the correct response to the changes in listening habits. Flumotion has anticipated this trend and developed a player builder in its platform that enables the creation of radio players and the seamless integration of social media networks. Bringing radio into the social media space stimulates user interaction with the content and leads to the sharing of radio streams and files, which further increases the reach of content. Skeptics of this new radio channel have been proven wrong recently, when Spotify and Facebook announced its partnership. Another key element to a successful online radio strategy is delivering the audio streams to all devices, which significantly increases audience figures and allows the listeners to change devices according to their preference and physical location. The ability to access live as well as on demand streams on a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or game console, makes radio an interactive experience which can be personalized and controlled by each user individually.

About Gestiona Radio

Gestiona Radio is a new concept for a radio station about economics and finance and was founded in October of 2009. The demand for economics related content has risen dramatically during the past years and has been instrumental in the success of Gestiona Radio. The format of the station is unique and responds to the high demand for economics related content, helping business and families make informed decisions on their finances. Initially Gestiona Radio was launched in Madrid, but now it is already available across most major cities in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Valladolid). Gestiona Radio also has a strong internet presence thanks to its availability on mobile devices and the integration of new technologies. The content has a strong focus on economics and is complemented with topics about leisure and lifestyle.