Press Release: New York City, September 8, 2011. Flumotion, a leader online video technology, is streaming the Open Video Conference live from New York City on September 10-12. Flumotion’s Online Video and Radio Publishing Platform is the only solution in the market that supports live and on demand streaming to multiple devices. The conference’s 6 keynotes are streamed live using open formats with fallback to Flash and Silverlight. This prestigious event will also be available on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad for the first time.All streams are available via OVC’s as well as Flumotion’s website, with the opportunity to participate in the discussion using the #webmlive and #ovc11 hashtags.

open video conferenceThe Open Video Conference, organized by the Open Video Alliance, is a multi-day summit of thought leaders in video and the open web. There is a wide range of projects and topics, which are broken down into four general tracks: tech, policy, open media developers, and creative. “This year’s conference puts a bigger emphasis on working groups and concrete action. By getting the most brilliant people from creative, tech, and legal together, we will advance the open video movement in measurable ways,” explains Conference Co-Director and Media Program Lead at Mozilla Ben Moskowitz. “We are happy that Flumotion continues to be an integral supporter and participant of this important industry event.”


HTML5 and open video

As an active supporter and early adopter of open technologies, the new Flumotion platform now enables the creation of HTML5 video players with support for both open video formats, WebM and Ogg. “The annual Online Video Conference is the perfect occasion to showcase our new HTML5 developments as well as our continued support of open technologies”, explains Flumotion Co-founder and CTO Thomas Vander Stichele. “We are honored to be among prestigious open source supporters such as Mozilla and Google.”

Flumotion’s powerful SaaS publishing platform enables customers to add HTML5 to their online video strategy and to benefit from its increasing advantages. As HTML5 reduces complexity for developers, it will see faster adoption and more innovation. The success of this technology has also been reinforced by Apple’s decision to only support HTML5 video on their mobile devices iPhone and iPad. Another benefit is that browser-native video can be complemented by other browser languages such as Javascript. This enables the creation of interactive viewing experiences that until now could only be implemented with third party plug-ins such as Flash.

Mozilla, Google and Flumotion at the forefront of open video

Other supporters of the conference include Google, with their open source project WebM, and Mozilla, with their new HTML5 video framework Popcorn.js. The Popcorn.js framework enables video, audio and other media to control elements of a webpage. Combining their library with a mixture of standard HTML + JavaScript, authors can let their media be the “conductor” of an interactive and immersive experience.

About the Open Video Conference

OVA is a coalition of organizations and individuals devoted to creating and promoting free and open technologies, policies, and practices in online video. The big idea behind the Open Video Alliance is that heading into this future, the tools for creating, manipulating, and sharing video must be available to everyone. And while having community-developed, open source versions of these tools is critical, it’s not the whole story. Open video requires that legal and business structures support the ability of huge numbers of individuals to use video in ways that go beyond just watching.