streaming-media-logoIndustry leading Streaming Media Magazine compiled their annual list of the top 101 companies. The selection process consists of a list of more than 220 companies of online video that is presented to the publication’s editorial and publishing staff, asking them to rank each one on a scale of 1 (has no business being on such a prestigious list) to 5 (absolutely must be on the list). The final list — the 101 companies that ranked highest — comprises 63 companies that are either based in Europe or have their roots there. The remaining companies are mostly U.S.-based, but they have a strong market presence in Europe.

At Flumotion, we are very proud to be part of that list again and to share the space with heavyweights such as Adobe, Apple, Facebook and Google. To review the entire list, visit the Streaming Media’s website.

This is Flumotion’s 7th award from Streaming Media in the past 4 years. To learn more about the other 6 awards, follow this link.