Streaming Media 101In 2011, the American magazine Streaming Media released, for the first time, a ranking of the 100 best online video companies worldwide. Flumotion, as a streaming service company, appeared in this list, and repeated in the 2012 ranking.

A few days ago, this publication has again announced the ranking of the 101 best European online video companies, and Flumotion it’s also present, along with multinationals such as Adobe, Apple, Ericsson and Microsoft, although many are based in US, its influence and its strong presence in the European market cannot be denied.

This is quite an achievement for a Spanish SMEs, since its foundation in Barcelona in 2006, it has not stopped innovating, especially considering that this year’s ranking included 26 new companies. This demonstrates the intense industry competition and the need to continually invest in innovation.
Flumotion provides end-to-end streaming services, offering advice and customer coverage in every step of a streaming project. One of the main advantages of Flumotion streaming platform is that it offers simplified management and maintenance of audiovisual content, providing full control of all online video content and the traffic it generates, from creation to publication and results analysis. By also being a multi-device platform it allows to reach 100% of the online audience. Offering global coverage, which implies that in the live broadcasting, Flumotion can also arrange the organization and logistics, as well as the final analysis of the results of the online event.
Companies as Nestlé, Danone and Esade use the Flumotion streaming platform to implement their online video marketing strategies. Large Media as RTVE (Spanish National TV), Barcelona Television or Flaix FM, maximize monetization and ROI of their content thanks to the Flumotion’s solutions.
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