Report IAB TV onlineThanks to the publication of the first study of IAB Spain about online television last year, research on television and online video has expanded. This month, the publication of the second and awaited report reveals that 2014 was not a great revolution for online video.

I’s evident that the number of operators and companies opting for this mode of content distribution is increasing. And, although a 13% less, claims to see online video, 83% does so, a very significant percentage. 

Content: more on demand TV and online programs.

Foreign films and series are still the most consumed and offered content on the network. Significantly, the survey reflects on demand TV growth in Spain. Still, exclusive online content has increased from 12% to 16%, and live events on streaming has increased to 24%.

Another growing trend is online music. The launch of Youtube Music Key confirms the openness of the sector; in 2013 consumption has doubled globally and in Spain according to the IAB level has increased 10 points.

Coexistence of the two models of monetization.

Users clearly prefer not to pay for online content and accept an advertising model in exchange for free content:

  • 12% of users used pay per view and those who don’t claim feeling no need of that content does not satisfies them enough.
  • According to the report, the majority of respondents do not feel annoyed at the advertising insertion in return to free access to content.

More and more companies are making use of video and positively value the results of their actions, a 90%, according to the recent video marketing publication of the IAB. Interest on this type of marketing strategy consolidates either through branded content, and advertising.

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