Good times await the live streaming of video online. Cristina Delgado, Partner Manager at YouTube, recently confirmed that the video portal will make its first live broadcast to the Spanish public on July 1, when it will stream the Copa América Argentina 2011 to 50 countries. In an exclusive interview for the Flumotion blog, held after the Digital Music 2.0 seminars at the advanced music festival, Sonar 2011, Delgado stated that live streaming is one of the big bets for YouTube this year.

youtube live streamingYouTube’s strategy of streaming live sporting events has already been carried out by various sports leagues with the help of Flumotion’s multi-format and multi-device technology. In 2009, the Federation of Regional Organizations of Radio and Television employed Flumotion’s technology to broadcast the Champions League and in 2010, the International Basketball Federation contracted Flumotion’s Online Video Platform so its members could access on demand training videos.

YouTube Live” will allow anyone to distribute their live content over the Internet. However, Delgado admitted that such content cannot yet be monetized and stated that “we don’t accept publicity in live streams because we still haven’t found the business model and we’re still searching for a way to monetize content”. As for music content, this option is not yet available due to copyright issues.

For us here at Flumotion it’s very exciting to know that companies such as Google are promoting online video on their portals. Flumotion’s philosophy also centers on the innovation of online video, as demonstrated in the past by being the first company worldwide to adopt the WebM format released by Google for a live broadcast. This was acknowledged by Google’s Product Manager John Luther in the blog dedicated to the project. WebM is a high quality open video format for the Internet and is based on the VP8 video codec. All high definition videos currently on YouTube are encoded in WebM and its launch has been supported by the likes of Mozilla, Opera, Adobe and more than 40 manufacturers and software and hardware providers.