servicios-de-streamingAdobe and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have recently published their reports on the state of digital video in 2015. If we review the results of the reports there is a common point in both, users spend more time watching videos on their mobile and advertisers are already taking note of it.

According to data published in the Adobe Digital Index, mobile video reproductions rate will beat the views from desktop video in Q4 2016. Mobile views currently represent a market share of 36%, is expected therefore, that mobile video takes over another 16% share in the next 18 months, with a growth rate of 44%.

In the same vein, the report * published last April by the IAB, in collaboration with On Device Research, says that 58% of users view short videos (less than 5 minutes) at least once a day. 36% say they watch videos of long duration (over 5 minutes) entirely. Turkey is the country that consumes more long movies (60%), followed by Finland (48%), China (46%), Russia (45%), Singapore (44%), Brazil (43%) and Mexico (42%), the first Spanish-speaking country that appears on the list.

A great opportunity for brands

The IAB report refers also to the use of online advertising through video, users are becoming increasingly more supportive of online display advertising, but whenever it is as an exchange for some valuable content immediately after the online issue of the announcement. The report also confirms that only 15% of respondents are willing to pay for a monthly subscription to view content without advertising.

The results of the IAB also emphasize the importance of social networks as a content distribution channel with other users, 68% of respondents share the videos with other users on major networks.

(*) The report is based on a survey of 4800 consumers and owners of a smartphone from 24 countries.