online video generates engagementOnline video has experienced an extraordinary growth in recent years, only in 2014 grew by 43% compared to the previous year, as we discussed in previous post. Moreover, 100 million users worldwide view online videos daily.

Given this growth, major brands are forced to include this tool as a key part of their online marketing strategies.

According to a study recently published by ReelSEO, 93% of marketers are already using video in their marketing campaigns, of these, 82% believe that online video has a positive impact on the end customer.

Today, there are many businesses tools to create own video content for a very low or even free cost in some cases (Animoto, Wevideo, Magisto ). Companies have the possibility to reach their potential customers wherever they are and at any time of day.

A survey conducted by Animoto, reveals that nearly half of surveyed users have shared at least once in their life a corporate video on their profiles on the major social networks. This same study also provides important data such as that 80% of consumers believe that online videos help them to understand better a company and a remarkable 56% believe that video positively influences their buying decision for a product or service.
The length of the videos is also important and it is advisable not to exceed the minute video to achieve a greater number of complete displays.

What do you think? Do you think that online video would eventually replace all printed material?
Share with us your experiences.