The analytical and statistical tool that only a professional streaming online video solution can provide you will help you to detect if your event is a success and what moment has attracted most attention. It is very important to know if your content is interesting for your users and if they get to see the whole event.

Metrics and data.

Thanks to the analytical tool, we can get so interesting facts as:

Geographical location of the spectators.
Device (Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV, etc.) used to connect to the event.
information about the operating system from which your viewers have connected .
Number of views of the video, once it is available on demand.
Number of users online.
Connection time.

Regarding the number of connected users, the information may be analyzed in three different ways:

1. Unique users: that is, the number of different users (different devices) that have connected to our event in streaming.

2. Total sessions served: the number times the play button has been clicked (whether the same user had done it before or not).

3. Concurrent users: to know how many viewers have been connected simulneously viewing our streaming event.

The connection time is also a key figure to know the degree of interest generated by our event, and to determine if it meet expectations our audience.

In the case we have monetized our live event (ie advertising that has appeared during the retransmission of this), we will be interested on knowing how many people have clicked in thebanners or Video rolls, and the exact number of users who have seen them. Thus, we can offerdetailed information to our advertisers.

It is also important to highlight that all the videos posted on our site improve the SEO, that is why it will be very interesting to make a recording of the event so that, when finalized, it is available on demand. Thus, we will achieve that the event continues to generate traffic to our website and to improve, therefore positioning.

Statistics on consumption.

Statistics on consumption once the event is finished will be important to calculate the datapacks that suit us and to know the future cost of our events. We can collect data andbandwidth: ie transferred Mbps. these data shall refer to the bandwidth used in a particular moment of the event.

We may also know the bytes transferred, this is the total bytes transferred during the event.This is important because when we hire the streaming service we also hire a data packet, and it will be important to know how many bytes of the data pack are consumed.

The analytical tool will also allow you to export the data to common files such as csv or png, which means you can share and edit your data off the shelf in an agile way withoutcomplications.

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