Some of the professional audio streaming solutions in the market include analytical & statistical tools which can provide valuable information to know the exact performance and success of our online radio station.

It is essential to analyze our audience levels and whether our content arouses interest among our listeners. Thanks to the analytical tools, we can obtain crucial information such as:

  • Audience peaks.
  • Geographical location of our audience.
  • Device (Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV, etc) used to connect to the online station.
  • Data about the operative system used to connect.
  • Number of plays of our playlists.
  • Number of users connected simultaneously.
  • Connection times.
  • Etc.

Regarding the number of listeners connected, we analyze the information in three ways:

  1. Unique users: that is, the number of different users who have connected to our onlinestation.
  2. Total of sessions served: the amount of times it has been clicked the play button on ouraudio player (regardless of whether the same user had done it before or not).
  3. Concurrent users: to know how many listeners are simultaneously connected to our streaming station.

All this data is crucial to improve and correct the focus and / or scheduling of our online radiostation and optimize its performance and also allow us to build loyalty and increase our audience.

If we monetize our online radio station, by inserting advertising in the player or on the webfrom which we stream, we will be interested on knowing how many people have clicked onthe banners, pre rolls or any other online ad format we’re using, as well as the exact number ofusers who viewed such content. This way, we can offer more detailed information to our advertisers.

An efficient analytical tool should also provide the possibility to export data with great simplicity, to such common files as csv or png, and to share and edit the data off the platformin a quick and easy way.