flumotion_online_radioIAB Spain (Internet Advertising Bureau)is the trade association for online and mobile advertising, which promotes growth and best practices for advertisers, agencies and media ownerspublished last week an interesting study to analyze the differential value and complementarity of online radio, studying consumer behavior and describing the listeners profile of this media in Spain.

In this post we make a brief summary of the most relevant data provided by the study.

t was conducted by IAB Internet users over 18 years of different Spanish provinces through1024 interviews conducted between August 28 and September 8, 2014.

When asked at what services / activities you access online, and how often? 82.7% of respondents declared listening online radio. 33.6% of them listen daily. Being also noteworthy that 94.9% goes online to consume audiovisual content platforms.

Consumption of online radio mainly occurs from the respondent’s home while surfing the Internet or access your RSS.

About the online radio listener profile, the study shows that 71% of listeners are aged between 25 and 54 years, the highest percentage to the audience between 35 and 44 years (25.7% ).

82.7% of online radio listening most opt ​​to connect to the online version of the conventionalstation, 46.3% connects via computer and a remarkable 41.9% use apps for smartphones ortablets.

The convenience and variety of content are key

When asked what reasons he likes to listen online radio? 48.2% stated that the possibility tolisten what they want whenever, 41% for the variety of content and 39.6% for the advantage offinding content of interest.

You can read the full study here here.

More information about the flumotion online radio platform here.