Since 2006, Flumotion’s mission has been to help our clients maximize the ROI of their investment using a streaming platform with features and prices customized to meet their needs and possibilities.



During the strategy phase we help our clients define their online video project to achieve maximum return on their investment in streaming.

We guide our clients on how to increase the diffusion of their videos andaudience, and the possibilities to broadcast anywhere in the world with excellentsound and image quality.



Flumotion's comprehensive service helps customers throughout the process ofcommissioning their streaming solution, optimizing and customizing it to create a profitable online audio & video platform.

Thanks to our technology we can ensure premium streaming with the highest possible quality.

During this phase we also adapt the streaming service and install all the custom functionality.



We offer our clients the necessary training on the streaming platform so that they can manage it with speed and simplicity. Thus we ensure that our customers, even those users with basic computer skills can easily manage their published videosand organize their media library.

In addition, we offer our clients access to tutorials about the platform functionsand technical documentation about API's and players, among others, available within the management tool (CMS).



In order to offer a better service and Customer Support to meet our user’s needs,Flumotion has created support packages ranging from solving incidences viawebsite to on-site support for live events. We want our customers to see us as apartner with whom they can always count on.

Flumotion's Support Team is responsible for monitoring live services and detect any anomaly and solve any issues that may affect proper operation. Likewise, the support team is also in charge of customer care and responsible for solving anymodification or information request regarding the live service.

Flumotion also offers the following services for live events:

  • Technical tests
  • Before each event, Flumotion proposestests 24 hours in advance to ensure the proper broadcast of the live event.
  • On-site Support
  • As extra service, Flumotion can offer an on site technician at the event location.
  • Tracking and monitoring of the event
  • For any problems that could affect their availability and quality.

Value added services

We offer our clients a range of additional services that enhance our library of streaming solutions

Some of our additional services include

  • For live events an integral service of audiovisual production that complements our end-to-end service.
  • Web pages and APPs development for a faster commissioning and effective operation of the streaming platform.
  • Strategic diffusion plans for the streaming content that enhance the impact of these and reach a greater audience.
  • Content monetization and complex advertising campaigns management. Flumotion has agreements with the major Adservers in the market. In this case, Flumotion, together with the customer, develops a plan of integration and specific requirements to deliver the desired objectives.